I recently used ChatGPT to write a sales script for payroll outsourcing. I was extremely impressed with what it created, so I created this video to outline what it created and discuss the good and bad with using ChatGPT to create sales scripts.


Sales Script Structure

Here is a quick outline of what came out when I asked ChatGPT to write a sales script.

  • Introduction: It opens the sales script with an introduction and shares the purpose of the call.
    Establishing Needs: The sales script transitions to learn about the prospect’s needs by asking questions and discussing common challenges.
  • Benefits: The next section in the sales script outlines the benefits of the product being sold.
    Tailored Solution: Then, the sales script provides details about the product or service being sold.
  • Customer Testimonials: Toward the end of the sales script, there is a section for customer success stories.
  • Next Steps: There is an outline of potential next steps that could be taken, including a demonstration, questions, and closing.
  • Follow-Up: There is a section discussing follow-up if you are not able to close.
    Closing: There is a section for closing that is more of a closing of the conversation than closing of the prospect.


Overall Thoughts

When I asked ChatGPT to write a sales script, I have to say I was very impressed with what it created. I get approached by salespeople every day with cold calls and cold emails, and I think the approach that ChatGPT took was better than most of those salespeople.

The majority of salespeople use more of a product-selling approach by organizing what they say along these thoughts:

This is who I work for
This is what I sell
Do you need what I sell

Out of the gate and without any extra instructions, ChatGPT took a more sophisticated path by focusing more on the prospect and first trying to learn about their needs. And it was after that step, that the sales script started to introduce the product. And even when it does that, it still starts out by outlining the benefits of the service.


Room for Improvement

Of course, there was room for improvement when I asked ChatGPT to write a sales script, and one area was probably in the opening of the call:

Greeting: “Good [morning/afternoon], [Prospect’s Name]. I hope you’re doing well today.”
Your Name and Company: “My name is [Your Name], and I represent [Your Company Name].”
Purpose: “I’m reaching out to discuss how our payroll outsourcing services can help streamline your payroll processes and save your company valuable time and resources.”

In my opinion, this sounds a little too much like a salesperson who is trying to sell something, and there are some small changes you could make to that to sound more like a consultant or advisor.

With ChatGPT to write a sales script, these are the questions it created:

Current Payroll Process: “Could you briefly describe your current payroll process? Are there any particular challenges or pain points you’re facing?”
Challenges: “Many organizations encounter issues like time-consuming data entry, complex tax regulations, and compliance concerns. Are any of these challenges relevant to your company?”

I think there are better pain and current state questions that could have been asked.


Tremendous Amount of Knowledge

After asking ChatGPT to write a sales script, I had some follow-up requests to try to see how deep its knowledge was for this particular service and asked it for only the features of payroll outsourcing. It provided an extremely extensive and detailed list of features that a typical payroll outsourcing provider would provide.

I then asked it to provide the benefits for payroll outsourcing, and again it provided a very extensive and detailed list of benefits. Actually, the results were too detailed and almost too much for a sales script. I then modified the request for benefits with the instruction to answer with between 10 to 15 words for each benefit, and ChatGPT revised the list by creating a very concise list that would fit very nicely into a sales script.


How to Properly Use ChatGPT to write a sales script

After going through this process, I have come to the conclusion that ChatGPT has a tremendous amount of knowledge and can be very helpful with writing a sales script. But to use it properly, you should ask it specific requests to create different parts of a sales script and then put the individual responses together to create a complete sales script.

The Sales Scripter sales message brainstorming process can actually help with this, because each step of the process could be a request that you make to ChatGPT. You can then take the results and use the Sales Scripter methodology for creating a sales script to put the individual pieces of information together to create a sales script.


We hope this helps you to use ChatGPT to write a sales script for your product or service!