In this video, we discuss how to create an office supplies sales script. And just a quick disclaimer that I have never sold office supplies, and I don’t know if this is a great script or not. The reason that I created this was because I created a video on using a “keep me in mind” cold email approach, and I wanted to use a product that was regularly purchased by businesses and thought office supplies would be great for that demonstration.

And while I don’t know if this is a great office supplies sales script, I thought that this structure might be helpful to someone who sells office supplies. It is at least better than the product selling approach that just leads with “I sell office supplies” and “Do you need office supplies”?


Product Details

The first step in our process to create a sales script is to brainstorm key details about the product being sold.

Full catalog of office supplies
Printers and photocopiers
Free same-day delivery
You will get a dedicated account manager
We do not charge shipping
You can talk to a human when you need something


Value Offered

The next step in our process to create an office supplies sales script is to think of some ways that the product helps in terms of benefits and value delivered. Our goal is to think of between 3 to 6 different improvements.

This can often be a difficult step, and this is a great example where it can be difficult to think of improvements because office supplies are just office supplies, and there are no real improvements to talk about. But here is a list of ways that most products and services can help:

  1. Make something work better
  2. Make something easier
  3. Decrease the time it takes to do something
  4. Increase revenue or income
  5. Decrease costs or expenses
  6. Improve the customer’s product
  7. Decrease the risk of something bad happening
  8. Improve visibility or access to information

Using that list as a guide, here are a few improvements for our sales script for office supplies:

Decrease the amount of time they spend ordering office supplies
Decrease their office supplies costs
Decrease the time it takes to receive deliveries of office supplies


Pain Points

The next step in our process to create an office supplies sales script is to think of some pain points that we can make go away. The nice thing at this point is that we can use the improvements from the last step to give us ideas for pain points because for each improvement, there is an opposite pain point that we can make go away.

Can be a hassle to order office supplies
Need to find new ways to decrease costs
Can take time to receive deliveries for office supplies

Questions to Ask

If those are pain points that we can help make go away, we can ask a question for each pain point to see if the prospect has any of those concerns. Using that process, here are some pain questions:

How important is it to simplify ordering office supplies?
How much of a priority is it to find new areas to cut costs?
How important is it to quickly receive deliveries of office supplies?

We can also ask current state questions in our office supplies sales script to see what the prospect is doing in the area where we have something to offer.

Who are you purchasing office supplies from?
How long have you been purchasing from them?
How is everything going?
What are some of the things you like about what they provide?
What are some things that you think could be better?
When was the last time you considered making a change for purchasing office supplies?
How many offices do you currently have?
How many employees do you have?

We hope this office supplies sales script gives you some ideas for how to improve your sales efforts!