In this video, we provide a recording of a cold call for software sales. It is always good to reflect back on cold calls to see what we can learn from and there are two things to talk about from this cold call example.

Focus On the Value Your Product Delivers
In this cold call for software sales, the salesperson does something that I think most salespeople skip and that is that he focuses on the value that his product delivers when he opens the call by saying this:

I want to show you how XXX can help your sales reps to:

  • Discover actionable insights within their own phone calls
  • That will help them to close more deals
  • Understand their client conversations better

In my opinion, most salespeople talk more about the product and what the product does and t don’t talk enough about the value and improvements that the product can deliver. So I think it is great that this salesperson does a great job of opening the call.

Focus On the Next Step in the Sales Process
But then on this cold call for software sales, the salesperson does what I would call a “quick close” and he jumps right to trying to close for a demo of the software that he sales by saying this:

I won’t ask for any credit card info.

Provide us with a detailed feedback on how we have improved your sales process or solved a pain point while using during free trial.

Are you available tomorrow for a quick demo?

There are probably many things that are not great about what he said there, but the main thing is that he tries to close for the demo, and I believe that is skipping too far ahead in the sales process.

I break the sales process down into these four steps:

  1. Initial Contact
  2. Conversation
  3. Explanation
  4. Purchase

When he tries to close for the demo, he closes for the Explanation step because the demo is where he will explain what his product is or how his product can help. And what he is doing is skipping the Conversation step and that is where he can learn a little more about me and educate me a little more on what he has to offer.

Not only is this more logical for many reasons, but when he closes me for the demo, I don’t even know what he is talking about, so my level of interest in seeing a demo is very low. By simply focusing on the next step of the sales process, which is to just talk a little more, the salesperson can improve his ability to close the prospect on moving forward.

Recommended Cold Call Script
In the video for a cold call for software sales, I put together a recommended cold call script for this particular product and salesperson. I don’t have much knowledge of this product, but I went to his website and then went through our sales message and script creation process and created a cold call script that probably would greatly improve his cold calling efforts.

We hope this cold call for software sales gives you some ideas for how you can improve your cold calling efforts!