In this video, we discuss how to write a sales script for digital marketing services. If you sell digital marketing services, this will likely be interesting and helpful. If you do not, you could still follow the step-by-step process that we go through for the product or service that you do sell.


Sales Script Writing Process

To create this sales script, we go through a step-by-step process to brainstorm key details about the product or service being sold.

  • Product
  • Target
  • Value
  • Pain
  • Questions



The product for this sales script is digital marketing services. After identifying the product or service being sold, try to outline the features that are included with that product or service. Here are some features to use when you write a sales script for digital marketing services:

Design, build, and update websites
Create content for marketing communications
Design and update marketing collateral
Improve search engine optimization for websites
Create short and long-form videos
Paid-per-click advertising
Create animated videos

One additional step when brainstorming product details is to think about how the product differs from the competition. Here are some differentiation points for this salesperson:

We are experts at getting websites to rank on the first page
We use machine learning to optimize website page layouts to improve conversion rates



To create sales scripts that take you to the next level, we recommend taking an extra step to stop to think about the target audience that you are creating the script for. In this case, we are going to create a broad sales script that can be used for a lot of different audiences and use the target audience of businesses.



The next step in the process for how to write a sales script for digital marketing is to identify the value that we have to offer the target audience. Here are some benefits for this service:

Get more clients and revenue online Increase sales revenue from new clients
Strengthen their position in the marketplace against their direct competitors
Increase their market share
Generate more leads Improve their brand and messaging
Improve their internal and external communications



Once you brainstorm the benefits offered by the product or service, you can turn each benefit upside down to think about a problem or pain point that is resolved.

Can be challenging to tell the story of the company and its products
Difficult to establish and improve branding for the company and products
Can be challenging to generate leads
Difficult to get new clients
Can be complex to figure out how to get more revenue online
Difficult to improve positioning against direct competitors
Can be difficult to increase market share



The key for how to write a sales script for digital marketing is to ask good questions. And if we came up with a good list of pain points in the previous step, we can use each pain point to think of a question to ask to see if the prospect has that problem or concern.

How difficult is it to tell the story of your company or products?
How do you feel about your ability to generate leads?
How important is it to increase revenue from new clients?
How happy are you with the amount of revenue you are generating online?
How much of a priority is it to improve your positioning against your direct competitors?
How important is it to increase your market share?


We hope this helps give you ideas for how to write a Sales Script for Digital Marketing.