In this video, we discuss how to create a sales script for IT consulting.

The Product – IT Consulting
The first step in our process to create a sales script for IT consulting is to brainstorm key details about the product or service. For this, I like to brainstorm the features of the product and I know that can be a little more difficult with a service but try to picture what you sell as a box and then think about everything that is in the box that the customer gets or can choose from.

Identify the Target Audience
The next step in the process is to identify the target audience for the sales script. We are going to tailor our sales script for the audience of IT departments. What you select here could impact the direction your brainstorming goes because what you say when selling IT consulting to the IT departments of large organizations could be very different from what you say when talking to small businesses.

How Does the Product Help
When creating a sales script for IT consulting, try to think about how the product helps the target audience.

Complete and improve IT-related projects and tasks
Improve decisions around IT strategy and infrastructure management
Augment their existing IT knowledge and skills with top-tier expertise
Align the IT strategy with business goals and revenue targets
Decrease the amount of backlog of IT projects
Maximize the return on investment for dollars spent on IT
Improve the delivery of their IT and business services

What Problems Can the Product Make Go Away
I like to try to include pain points that the product can make go away when creating a sales script for IT consulting.

Need help with IT-related projects and tasks
Difficult making decisions regarding IT strategy and infrastructure
Do not have the needed IT knowledge and skills in the internal IT organization
Could be more alignment between IT and the business strategies
Backlog of IT projects and not enough resources to complete the work
Need to show a positive return on dollars that are spent on IT
Quality of IT services will directly impact the delivery of business services

Think of Good Questions to Ask
A good sales script for IT consulting will have good questions to ask the prospect. And one way to come up with good questions is to think of a question to ask for each pain point that you came up with in the previous step.

How do you feel about having the people and skills you need to complete your projects and tasks?
How helpful would it be to get more help and outside advice with making IT-related decisions?
How do you feel about needing outside IT expertise, skills, or people?
How well do you think IT and the business are aligned in terms of strategy?
What type of impact does the backlog of IT projects have on your business?
How important is it to improve the ROI for dollars spent on IT projects?
How concerned are you about how IT is impacting the delivery of business services?



We hope this gives you some ideas for your sales script for IT consulting.