Here are some quick tips for how to use a call script template.

Try to avoid reading from a script.
Even though we have the word “script” in our company name, we don’t think that a salesperson should read directly from a script. What we think you should do is use your sales script template as more of a guide that tells you what to say and ask when talking with a prospect on the phone.

You may read that and think, “What is the difference between reading from a script and using it as a guide for what to say?” The key difference here is that you want to be familiar with the content so that you can say what you need to say without reading directly word-for-word from the template.

Make your call script template modular.
We feel that a sales call template will be a better and more useful tool for you if you make it a more modular document. This means breaking down the sales tool into different sections of information to refer to.

Here are some of the call script template sections that you may want to structure your sales call script around:

Elevator Pitch
If your sales call is a cold call where the prospect does not know who you are or why you are calling, it can be very helpful to share some sort of elevator pitch. This is one to two sentences that quickly explain how you help or the value that you offer.

Pre-qualifying Questions
Whether your call script template is for a cold call or more of a sales meeting or appointment, you still need to ask some good probing sales questions. Make a list of good pre-qualifying questions that you can ask your prospect to extract valuable information about them.

Common Pain Points
It is likely that your product or service resolves some sort of pain points for your client. You may reach a point in your sales call where it might make sense to talk about these. Having these listed in your call template can help you to remember to talk about them and possibly help you to remember all of the key pain points that could be mentioned.

Company and Product Information
Since you can’t talk forever about your products and company during your sales call, it can help to have some key points that are good to share in your call template. Since you want to be efficient with your words and say something that builds the most interest, you can try to create some points around the ROI you offer, how you differ, examples of how you have helped others, etc.

Closing Options
There are probably a few different directions that you can take the conversation after your call. It can help to list out these different options in the last section of your call script template so that you have complete clarity on what to close the prospect for.