In this video, we discuss what makes a good sales pitch.

Product Selling Sales Pitch

But before we get to what makes a good sales pitch, I want to outline what is not a good pitch, and that is what I call a product selling sales pitch. This is actually what most salespeople use, and it involves primarily talking about these areas:

  • Company: The salesperson will start off by talking about the company they work for.
  • Product: The salesperson will then go on to talk about the product they sell.
  • Features: The salesperson might outline the features the product includes.
  • Pricing: The salesperson might outline the different packages available and pricing.
  • Close: The product pitch usually involves a close to trying to validate a need or interest in the product being sold.


Understandable to Use Product Selling Sales Pitch

It is actually very understandable for most salespeople to use a product selling sales pitch for these reasons:

  • It is more logical and natural: If you have a product to sell, it is more logical and natural to try to sell that product by primarily talking about your product.
  • Aligns with our motivation: Talking primarily about the product aligns with our motivations because we get paid and rewarded when we sell our product.
  • It is how we are trained: Most companies train us to be product selling salespeople by primarily teaching us product details and told to go sell.
  • It can be easier in some ways: A product selling sales pitch is easier in that it is easier to figure out what to say because you just talk about the product.


Problems With Product Selling

Here are the reasons product selling is not what makes a good sales pitch:

  • All about me: When you primarily talk about your product and company, you are communicating in an “all about me” way. We believe you can have a better sales pitch if you make it more about the prospect.
  • What is in it for me?: The main thing your prospect cares about is what your product can do for them. When you talk about what your product is and does, this does not directly answer that question.
  • The prospect is not in buying mode: Prospects you reach out to with cold calls and emails are most likely not in buy mode for your product. With that, when you are in product selling mode, there is more likely to be a mismatch.


What Makes A Good Sales Pitch

If you agree on the ways product selling is not a good sales pitch, we can reverse engineer that to correct all of those areas.

  • Value: Instead of talking about the product, we will focus on the improvements the product can deliver.
  • Pain: We will build our sales pitch around pain points our product can make go away.
  • Questions: The sales pitch will include good questions that identify if the prospect has the pain we can fix.
  • Product: If our questions identify challenges we can fix, our sales pitch will then introduce our product as a solution to their needs.
  • Customer Example: We will use examples of customers we have helped to explain what we have to offer and build interest.
  • Close: Our sales pitch will focus more on the next step in the sales process.

We are confident that those changes are what makes a good sales pitch because these are the improvements you are likely to see.

  • About the prospect: This sales pitch is more about the prospect than a product selling pitch.
  • What is in it for me?: This sales pitch answers the question what is in it for the prospect.
  • Build interest: This is a more effective way to make the prospect interested in the product.
  • Better close: This pitch has a better closing strategy.
  • Sound like a consultant: With this pitch, you will sound less like a salesperson trying to sell something.


We hope this helps you with figuring out what makes a good sales pitch!