Here are a few tips that will help you to have the best telemarketing scripts.

1. Don’t sound like a salesperson.
The first tip that will have a drastic effect is to avoid sounding like a salesperson. The reason that we make this recommendation is that we believe that your prospects will get phone calls from a lot salespeople and this will make them a bit guarded.

If you give that immediate impression that your are salesperson trying to sell something, your prospect will begin to shut down and you will not have the best telemarketing scripts.

2. Minimize talking about your company and products.
You may be thinking that since you are a salesperson, how can you have the best telemarketing scripts and not sound like a salesperson. One way to do this is to avoid going down the path of talking a lot about your products and company.

3. Make the call more about the prospect than about you.
Since we are recommending that you resist the urge to talk about your company and products, use this as an opportunity to talk more about the prospect. Make the call more about them then about you.

This will make the call more engaging and will greatly improve your odds of establishing a conversation.

4. Ask good questions.
The best salesperson is the one that asks the best questions. If you want to have the best telemarketings scripts, you need to be asking good questions.

Asking questions will help you with the previous tip of making the call more about the prospect than about you because they get the prospect talking and shine the light more on them. This will also help to make the call more engaging and balanced.

5. Focus on the problems that you help with.
One way to develop good questions for the previous tip is to design your questions so that they identify if the prospect concerns around the problems that your products help to fix, minimize, or avoid.

6. Share some quick, yet powerful points about you.
After you have made the call about the prospect by asking some questions, you are then in a better position to transition to talking about you. You only have a few minutes to work with so you want to share some quick points about what you have to offer or how you can help.

You can spend this part of your sales script talking about the benefits that you offer, how you differ from the competition, a customer example, impacts from not doing anything, etc.

7. Focus on the right goal.
One of the most important things when creating a telemarketing script is to have a clear idea of the what the goal of the call is. Yes, the ultimate goal is to sell your product. But the goal of the best telemarketing scripts is likely something that comes well before that like setting an appointment or getting the prospect to agree to go to the next step in your sales process.