We recently hosted a webinar on “How to Create a Good Telemarketing Script” where we explained a process for both creating sales scripts and also making cold calls.

Creating a “Good” Telemarketing Script
Creating a good script is not easy because telesales can be extremely challenging. I have the belief that when many people try to create a good script, they stop to think about their product and then try to build a script that tries to squeeze in as many of the cool details about the product as they can.

The problem with this approach is that it creates a very product-focused sales script and sales pitch. And while it may look good to the person that created it because they love their own product but the script will likely not be received as well by the prospect because they are not in “buying” mode and not as excited about the product as the salesperson is.

We go about this a different way in that we try to re-engineer the process by first looking at what makes telemarketing so challenging. We then try to find ways to decrease the challenges and then build our around the things that will make cold calling easier and if that all works correctly, we will end up with a “good” sales script.

Telemarketing Challenges
These are the challenges that we identify as the key things that make cold calling so difficult.

Prospects are busy
We operate with the assumption that all the prospects that we call are busy, especially when calling B2B. We do not want this to make you insecure about calling or make you communicate in a very cautious way. But more so to use this as a key detail as to what to say (and not say) when you get a prospect on the phone.

Prospects get a lot of sales calls
Your prospects will get a lot of calls from other salespeople. And not only will they get calls from your direct competitors, but they will also get calls from salespeople that sell something completely unrelated to what you sell.

This is an important thing to be aware of as it impacts how prospects feel and react when they answer your call and this should impact what you say in your telemarketing script.

Prospects are guarded
When you combine the fact that prospects are extremely busy and they also get a lot of sales calls from salespeople trying to take some of their time, they are likely to answer your call and be fairly guarded in terms of how they receive you. This can lead to objections and resistance and your telemarketing script should help you to be prepared for this.

You have a lot of information to share
On a telemarketing phone call, we believe you only have 2 to 5 minutes to work with. And that is a challenge because you likely have a ton of information that you want to share so figuring out where to start or what information to share can be difficult.

Prospects are likely not in “buying” mode
To time it just right where you call a prospect at the exact time that they need what you sell is extremely difficult. As a result, in most cases when you get a prospect on the phone, they are likely to not be in “buying” mode for what you sell and this can definitely be a challenge for you.

In this webinar recording, we go through each of those challenges in more detail and provide tips for how to minimize them. We then show you how to use those tips in order to create your own telemarketing script.