Here is a step-by-step process that you can use for creating your telephone sales script.


Step 1: Identify the value that you offer.

The first step that we suggest that you go through is to stop and think about the value that your product offers. This is not what your product does, it is what your product helps your customer to do or to improve.

Here are some examples of how we help our customers:

We help sales people to:

Know what to say and ask when prospecting.
Have the best and most powerful sales pitch.
Have more success when cold calling and prospecting.
Consistently hit and exceed sales targets and objectives.
Increase and maximize their earnings potential.

Once you list out those benefits, you could use one of these statements as your elevator pitch at the beginning of your telephone sales script.


Step 2: Identify the problems that you help to resolve, minimize, or avoid.

The next step in the process of building your telephone sales script is to identify the problems that you help with. You may know these off the top of your head but a good way to create a full list of pain points is to look at each benefit that you provide and think about what problem each benefit helps to resolve.

Here are some of the problems that we help our customers with:

Don’t know what to say and ask when prospecting
It can be tough to build a sales pitch that stands out from the rest and effectively communicates to prospects
Cold calling and prospecting can seem difficult and like running in place
It is difficult to generate leads and get their foot in the door with new clients
It can be difficult to consistently hit and exceed sales targets and objectives
Commissions and earnings are not at the level where they need to be


Step 3: Develop a good list of probing sales questions.

To have a good telephone sales script, you should ask good questions. To develop an optimum list of probing sales questions, you can look at the list of problems that you help with. For each problem, you can develop one or two questions that can be asked to see if your prospect is concerned about that particular pain point.

Here are some of the questions that we have in our script:

Do you feel like you always know what best to say and ask when prospecting?
How do you feel about your ability to grab the prospect’s attention?
How happy are you with the sales pitch that you currently use? Do you feel like you currently have any type of sales pitch?
How important is it for you to improve the success you have when cold calling and prospecting?Are you looking for new ways to make hitting and exceeding your sales targets and objectives easier?
Are you currently using any type of sales scripts, sales pitch, or sales playbook?

We hope those three steps help you to build your telephone sales script and will take your game to the next level!