Here are some quick tips that you can use to build telemarketing scripts that generate results.

1. Focus on the right goal.
The first thing to start with when creating a script for telemarketing is to structure it so that it focuses on the right goal.

Yes, your ultimate goal is to sell your product or service. But that might not be the goal for your telemarketing scripts, as your immediate goal might be to generate a lead or schedule an appointment.

2. Don’t sound like a salesperson.
People get a lot of telemarketing and sales calls. As a result, they can often be a bit guarded when they receive your call.

Try to stay ahead of this factor and minimize this challenge by doing what you can to avoid sounding like a salesperson.

3. Confirm that the prospect is available.
You might not agree with this tip, but we feel that you can improve your calls by starting out with a question that confirms that the prospect is available for at least a couple of minutes.

We feel that asking the prospect if you have caught them in the middle of anything at the beginning of your telemarketing scripts can not only buy you a couple of minutes to work with but also creates a sense of familiarity as that is the type of questions that a friend or co-worker might as at the beginning of the conversation.

4. Share a quick elevator pitch.
After you confirm the prospect is available, share a quick elevator pitch. This could be one or two sentences that share the value that you have to offer and could be expressed as the purpose of your call.

5. Ask a couple of probing sales questions.
At the core of your telemarketing scripts should be some good probing sales questions. These are powerful because not only do they help you gather a little information about the prospect, helping you qualify the lead, but they also help make the call more conversational and engaging.

6. Share some common problems.
If you design your questions correctly, they should help you uncover if the prospect has any of the challenges that you help to fix. But there could be a situation where you ask the perfect questions and don’t identify that the prospect has any issues or concerns.

When this happens, you can use one additional option, and that is to just share some examples of the common problems that you help to resolve and check to see if the prospect has any of those.

7. Share a few powerful points about your company and product.
At some point in your telemarketing scripts, you will want to share a few points about your company and product that help you to build enough interest so that you are able to close the prospect on moving to the next step in your sales process, whether that be agreeing to an appointment, meeting, or demo.