It can sometimes seem unclear how to create an effective sales pitch. While you may never really know what is going to grab each individual prospect’s attention and be effective at building interest, there are some rules that you can apply to what you say that helps you to communicate more clearly and be more effective in the long run.


Focus on the Value that You Offer

One of these rules to apply that can help you to have an effective sales pitch is to focus on the value that you have to offer the prospect.

When you have a product to sell, it can be easy to get hung up on talking about what the product does from a feature and function standpoint. While those are important details, those are not details that communicate the value that the product has to offer the prospect.


Value is How Your Products Help

Value is not what your products do. It is what your products help to improve.

For example, if you have software that calculates the inventory that needs to be ordered, this inventory scan and calculation is more of a function of the product. The value that is delivered is the automation of a manual process, time saved, decreased errors, decreased costs, etc.


Speak in the Prospect’s Language

Focusing on these details makes an effective sales pitch as it helps you to speak in the prospect’s language.

When you talk about your products and services, you are speaking in your language (the salesperson’s language). You are talking about details and in a vernacular that you understand as you eat and breathe it every day. You have gone through training, and you talk about this stuff all the time, so it is all stuff that you understand very clearly.

But the prospect is most likely not as familiar with all of your stuff, so they might not understand it as much as you think they should, and this can impact the effectiveness of your pitch.

If we can assume that speaking a foreign language makes a pitch less effective, then we should be able to assume that speaking the prospect’s language should create an effective sales pitch. And talking about the value offered by the products instead of talking about product details will help you to speak in a language that the prospect will be quicker and more likely to understand.


There are Multiple Levels of Value

When you try to stop to think about the value that you offer, keep in mind that you offer multiple levels of value. You offer technical, business, and personal value.

  1. Technical value refers to the processes that are improved by your product. If we go back to the example already mentioned, automating a manual process and decreasing errors are good examples of technical improvements.
  2. Business value would include things like decreasing costs, improving revenue, improving the delivery of business services, etc.
  3. Personal value would include things like improving personal income, improving work/life balance, decreasing stress, improving career growth, etc

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