Here are a few tips that can help with your sales pitching efforts.

Try to avoid sounding like a salesperson trying to sell something.
One of the main things that will improve your sales pitching is to try to avoid sounding like a salesperson selling something. The reason we make this recommendation is our belief that many people do not enjoy it when someone tries to talk them into something.

This can trigger guardedness and begin to push prospects away. If you agree with that logic, you may agree that it can have a positive impact on your sales efforts if you don’t give off this strong and immediate impression that you are a salesperson trying to sell something.

Minimize talking about your company and products.
You may read that first tip and think that sounds logical, but then you have a question of how do you not sound like a salesperson when you are. One way is to minimize how much you talk about your company and products to a prospect.

At some point, while sales pitching, it definitely makes sense to talk about your company and products. But don’t focus so much on those points and details when you first start out conversations with prospects.

Focus on the value that you have to offer.
One way to minimize the product details is to focus more on the value or benefits that your products offer. Instead of talking about what you sell and how it works, talk about the improvements that you help your customers to see.

Outline the common pain points that help to resolve, minimize, and avoid.
Another way to explain how you help others and what you do is to share some of the problems or pain points that you help to resolve. Not only can this communicate more clearly, but it can also help to grab the prospect’s attention.

Ask good probing sales questions.
One of the most important steps when sales pitching is to ask the prospect good probing sales questions. Not only does this help you to learn more about your prospect, but it also helps you to qualify the prospect to determine if they fit well with what you have to offer.

Communicate the ROI that you deliver.
Your product should deliver some sort of return to your clients. This may be some sort of financial return in terms of savings or more income. But it might not be financial and could be something like increased happiness, decreased stress, more time with family, etc.

Talk about how you differ from other options.
You most likely have some sort of competition. Communicate in your sales pitch how you differ from these other options.

Share a customer example.
One of the best sales pitching ways to build interest and communicate how you can help is to share a current or past customer example and share what you sold them and what benefits you helped them to realize.