In this video, we show you a clear direction that you can take that will help you to build the best sales pitch.


What to Not Do with Your Pitch

Before we look at how to build the best sales pitch, let’s first look at a couple of key things that you can avoid that will immediately put you ahead of your competition.

First, you want to do everything that you can to try to not sound like a salesperson. Your target prospects will likely get sold to a lot, so if you come across as sounding like a salesperson, you will trigger more guardedness.

Second, try to avoid talking all about you, about your products, and about your company. This is a very “all about me” approach and can often be counterproductive by pushing the prospect away and decreasing the level of rapport. If you can make it more about the prospect, you can totally flip that dynamic creating more engagement and rapport and it is these types of minor tweaks that will help you have the best sales pitch.


How to Not Sound Like a Salesperson

We just mentioned trying to minimize talking about your products and the company that you work for. This is going to help you avoid sounding like a salesperson and will help you to make a better impression.

You may be thinking, how can you have the best sales pitch if you are not going to talk about your products and company? And what are you going to talk about if you remove that focus from your pitch?

The trick is to focus on the value that your products offer and the problems that your products help to fix. This is not only going to help you sound less like a pushy salesperson but also help you achieve your second goal of getting the conversation more focused on your prospect than on you.

When you make the small change of talking about what your products do and shifting more toward how your products help your prospect in terms of improvements and resolving certain problems, your angle is going to be more centered around the prospect than you.


The Best Salesperson Asks the Best Questions

When most salespeople think about building a strong pitch, they think about what they are going to say to explain what they have to offer. But the more important thing to focus on is what questions are you going to ask the prospect.

A good pitch should have probing questions as its foundation. These will also help you to keep the conversation focused more on the prospect than on you and will allow you to extract valuable information at the same time.


Prepare for Objections

If you want to have a strong sales pitch, you should have prepared responses for objections that you can anticipate. Objections are guaranteed to come up, so if you can be prepared by having a plan for how to handle those, you will take one step closer to having the best sales pitch.