We regularly how cold call demo webinars and we try to share some of the calls and this is an outbound B2B cold call from a recent event.

What Went Well
On this call, you hear an outbound b2b cold call where I try to confirm availability right at the beginning of the call by asking:

Have I caught you in the middle of anything?

I get a lot of pushback on this tactic but in making and listening to thousands of cold calls where this exact question is asked, I strongly recommend it as opposed to just pushing through and you can hear how it goes in this example of an outbound B2B cold call.

On this call, the prospect responds that she is indeed not available. I then responded with the exact response you can say when someone is busy which is:

Oh, I understand. I can be very brief or I can call you back later.

She gave me the approval to continue and be brief and at that very moment, I just bought 2 to 5 minutes to work with. As a result, I was not rushed at all even though I said she was busy and she also had less of a reason to start to get annoyed.

If you listen to the example of an outbound B2B cold call, another thing that I think I did well is to try to keep the call going by asking additional probing questions. It could be debated if I asked the right questions or not, but I do think this is the proper thing to do when the prospect starts to try to end the call with sales objections.

What Could Have Been Done Better
The call did not lead to an appointment or lead and we will never truly know if that is because I did not execute well or if there was truly not a fit.

For example, if you are a doctor and you try to talk to someone that is not sick, there is no need to meet. But if you are a doctor and you don’t ask the right questions that either makes the person realize they are sick or match their problem to what you have to offer, then you did not execute well in terms of what you said and asked.

What Objections Came Up
We faced two objections on this call:

I am busy right now

I am not interested. (We are fine)

As mentioned already, I feel like I did a good job at getting around the first objection and an OK job at the second by deflecting to a different question. But maybe a different question could have kept the call going or led to some sort of discussion that created a reason for an appointment.

What Questions Could Have Been Asked
When I got a “not interested” to my first question, I deflected to asking about how much time it takes to train new reps and she responded that they are good there.

A different direction I could have gone was to ask her about how effective her reps are at getting into new accounts or generating leads. Maybe that could have triggered a little concern or lack of satisfaction in this outbound B2B cold call.