Creating a good outbound sales script is not an easy thing to do. Here are some tips that will not only make it easier for you to create your own script but also help you create one that is really good and actually works.

1. Don’t sound like a salesperson trying to sell something.
The first tip for your outbound sales script is to design it in a way so that you don’t sound like a salesperson who is trying to sell something. The reason that this is key is that you have to assume that your prospect is getting calls every day from other salespeople. Because of this, your prospects can often be guarded when they answer your call, and that guardedness will increase if they think you are a salesperson that is going to try to sell them something.

Yes, you want to create a call script that makes the prospect interested. But if you can first create a script that does not make the prospect uninterested in even talking, you will take a big step in the right direction.

2. Don’t talk a lot about your company and products.
One way to sound less like a pushy salesperson is to minimize how much you talk about your products in your outbound sales script. You may think, if you don’t talk about your products and company, what are you going to talk about? We will answer that in the next few tips.

3. Focus on the value you offer.
Instead of talking about the product you sell, talk to the prospect about the improvements (benefits) that your product offers. For example, if you sell memberships to a gym, instead of talking about the equipment and facility, talk about losing weight, feeling better, being more attractive, decreasing stress, etc.

The value that your offer can be used to create your value proposition or value statement, and this is a great thing to open your call script with.

The purpose for my call is that I help people to lose weight, feel better, become more attractive, and decrease stress.

4. Ask good probing questions.
Instead of sounding like a pushy salesperson, we want you to sound more like a consultant. An easy way to do this in your outbound sales script is to ask good questions.

Going back to the selling gym membership examples, these would be great questions to ask:

How important is it for you to lose weight and get healthier?
On a scale from 1 to 10, how do you feel everyday?
How do you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror?
How helpful would it be to be able to decrease the level of stress in your life?

5. Always be ready with common pain points.
It is probably the case that your product can help to decrease or resolve some sort of problems or challenges for your prospect. You should always have these points at the top of your mind and ready to share with the prospect in case they do not understand how you can help or think that they do not need what you sell.

So that you always know what these are when making outbound calls, have them listed out somewhere in your script.

We hope these tips help you with getting in the right direction as you create your outbound sales script!