We regularly how cold call demo webinars (view our events calendar if you would like to join a future one) and we try to share some of the calls and this is an analysis of outbound sales call script examples from a recent session.

What Went Well
On this call, you hear one of our outbound sales call script examples and it is a fairly brief call but there are a few key things to reflect on.

One thing to discuss is that this call started in an auto-attendant system offering options of 1 for sales and 2 for support and I pressed 1 which got me connected with the gentleman on the recording.

It is worth pointing out that ending up in the sales or customer service department on outbound sales call script examples can go either way with someone possibly being helpful or getting shot down quicker than you would with a traditional gatekeeper.

And while this sounds like a fairly insignificant call, there was a decent step forward taken because I was able to upgrade from a company main number and get the direct phone number for the target prospect. There is still plenty of work to do but this small change greatly improves our odds of getting a hold of the prospects.

Getting the direct phone number for other employees at a company can be easier said than done because gatekeepers will often not want to give out phone numbers to pesky salespeople.

This guy seemed fairly open to sharing the info and maybe he would have given that out to anyone asking but I think that there are some small things that I may have done to minimize triggering his guardedness and I explain that a little more in the video recording.

What Could Have Been Done Better
I was fairly happy with the call given that I got the extremely valuable direct phone number. But if I search for something that could have been done better, I could have asked a question or two to the gatekeeper to try to get a little more information.

What Objections Came Up
The main objection that came up on this one of our outbound sales call script examples was that he said the contact was not available and ask me to send her an email.

I think I replied in a decent way to this and my approach was to let him know that I already had the email and then try to get the direct phone number.

What Questions Could Have Been Asked
I could have the prospect some of my pre-qualifying questions to learn a little more about their tools and training. I could have also asked questions to confirm that the contact I was calling was the right person for me to contact and try to identify other people that I should be reaching out to in the organization.

We hope these outbound sales call script examples give you some ideas of how you can improve your cold calling.