Above is a recording of an example of an outbound call script that we received from a salesperson selling financial services. And below is a structure you can use as an example for building your script.


Hello [Contact’s Name], this is Michael Halper from SalesScripter, have I caught you in the middle of anything?

Elevator Pitch
We like to start out an outbound call script with an elevator pitch.

Great. The purpose of my call is that we help inside sales managers to make their team more successful with outbound phone prospecting and lead generation.

I actually don’t know if you need what our services provide so I just had a question or two

Pre-Qualifying Questions
We like to have the central component of your outbound call script be a set of good probing sales questions.

If I could ask you real quick:

Do you think your reps are asking the right questions when talking with prospects?

Are your sales reps generating enough leads and getting into new accounts?

How concerned are you about the amount of time and effort that it takes to get new sales hires ramped up and performing?

Is getting under-performing sales resources corrected and on the right path important

How important is it for you to decrease sales staff turnover?

Examples of Common Problems
If the questions in your outbound call script do not uncover any challenges that you can help to fix, be a little more direct by sharing some of the problems that you help with.

Oh, OK. Well, as we talk with other inside sales managers/directors, we have noticed that they often express challenges with (or concerns around) :

Challenging for sales reps to generate leads and get into new accounts

It can be difficult to get sales reps to ask the right questions and say the right things when selling

It can be unclear how to fix under-performing sales resources

It is difficult to find ways to decrease sales staff turnover

It takes too much time and effort to get new sales hires trained and ramped up

Are any of those areas that you are concerned about?

Current Environment Questions
It may make sense to ask some current environment questions in your outbound call script.

Who are you currently using today?

How long have you been with them?

How is everything going?

What are some of the things you like about what they provide?

What are some things that you think could be better?

If you could change one thing about their product/service, what would it be?

When was the last time you considered other options in this area?

(Sizing Question) How many _____ do you currently have?

Are you the right person to discuss this area with?

Company and Product Info
Right before you close in your outbound call script, share some details about your company and product so that you build enough interest to close the prospect on the next step in your sales process.

It might be productive for us to talk in more detail. The reason why is:

As I said, I am with SalesScripter and SalesScripter is a sales prospecting methodology and web-based software platform provides tools and documents that help salespeople to know which prospects to contact, how to contact them, and what to say.


Our SalesScripter can help you to:

Make their team more successful with outbound phone prospecting and lead generation

Shorten the amount of time that it takes to train new salespeople

Get their reps asking the right questions and saying the right things when selling

Improve sales performance for every member of the sales team

Decrease sales staff turnover

Get under-performing sales resources back on track

Decrease the time and headache that comes with trying to get new sales hires ramped

Some ways that we differ from other options out there are:

We are the only training methodology and software platform that tells salespeople what to say when prospecting.

We utilize a consultative selling approach that is less pushy and annoying than many other sales training methodologies.

We are the only software platform that generates call scripts and email templates.

Close for the next step in your sales process in your outbound call script.

But, since I have called you out of the blue, I do not want to take any more of your time to talk right now.

A great next step would be for us to schedule a brief 15 to 20 phone conversation where we can learn a little more about how you are doing things today and share with you how we have helped to improve sales results and decrease sales staff turnover.

Is that something that you would like to put on the calendar?


We hope this outbound call script helps you to create your and take your game to the next level!