In this video, we discuss the keep me in mind cold email. This is a cold email that you send to the prospect and you try to coach them to keep you in mind when they get around to purchasing what you sell.


Prospects Are Likely Not In Buying Mode

This can be a good approach because I operate with the assumption that the prospect is likely not in buying mode for what you sell at the exact time that they receive your email. If you agree with this, you can use this assumption to optimize what you say. And one way to apply that is to send an email that positions you for down the road when the prospect is in buying mode and the keep me in mind cold email can do that.


Example Scenario

To show how the keep me in mind email works, we use an example scenario of selling office supplies. This is a good example because this email works well for products that customers buy on a recurring basis, and office supplies is a good example of that.


The Keep Me In Mind Email

If you are sending an email to coach the prospect to keep you in mind, you might want to be clear and upfront about what you sell. With that, you can use what we refer to as your product building block, which is a set of details about what you sell. Here is an example of what that might look like:

Subject Line: Keep us in mind – [Product Name or Area]

Hello [Contact First Name],

Since you are an office manager, you probably purchase office supplies from time to time.

We are an office supplies provider, so please keep us in mind the next time that you are looking to make a purchase or change vendors.

Some ways that we differ from your other options are:

•You will get a dedicated account manager
•We do not charge shipping
•You can talk to a human when you need something

Let me know if you reach a point where you would like to schedule a brief call to discuss.

Best Regards,

[Email Signature]


Following Up With a Phone Call

The keep me in mind email is definitely a more passive approach. But you could certainly still follow up with calls to the prospect over time. The only adjustment with this approach might be to spread out your call attempts over a longer period of time.


Cold Email Campaign

You could also build a cold email campaign using the keep me in mind email approach. We show what that looks like in the video, but similar to the phone calls, you might want to spread the emails out over a longer period of time. Where you might send emails every week for a more aggressive cold email campaign, for this approach you might want to have a month or two in between each email. Not only does this fit better with the more passive approach, but it could also help increase the odds that one of your emails gets sent around or within the timing of the next purchase of what you sell.

We hope the keep me in mind cold email gives you some ideas for your cold emailing efforts!