If you were to ask a group of salespeople what the one thing they wanted to be better at was, in many cases most would answer that they would like to be better at closing sales. This is understandable because closing the sale is actually the most important step and what directly leads to the salesperson getting paid.

But closing should not be difficult. In fact, if you are doing many of the other things in the sales process correctly, closing should actually be the easiest step. It is actually realistic for you to see deals and prospects close themselves.

Here are some examples of the other things that you need to do in order to make deals close extremely easy:

One of the easiest ways to immediately become a better closer is to improve the amount of qualifying that you do when talking with prospects. This will involve you screening and assessing prospects to determine how well they fit. If you do this properly, the prospects you pursue will fit better and that will make closing easier and improve your close rate.

Communicating Value
Are you only talking about what your products do or are you effectively communicating how they help your prospects and what improvements you can help to make? If you can be crystal clear in communicating the value that you offer, prospects will be easier to close.

Finding Pain
Are you finding pain on the prospect’s side that you can help to resolve and bring that to the attention of the sales prospect? This will help you to get a prospect to move forward.

Building Interest
Are you effective at building the prospect’s interest? The more interested they are, the easier it will be to close the sales prospect.

Sharing Customer Examples
Are you sharing examples of how you have helped other customers or clients? This is one of the most effective ways of communicating how you can help the sales prospect that you are trying to close and get them to move forward.

Those are just some quick examples of doing some of the right things before going for the close that makes it much easier.