One of the things salespeople or business owners care most about is closing the sales. With that, everybody is looking for ways to become a better closer. In this video, we talk about some soft closing tactics that, when you do everything else right, can be more effective than trying the traditional hard close.

What is Soft Closing the Sale
In order to understand what soft closing is, let’s first look at what hard closing a prospect is.

Hard Closing
This basically is an approach that is more aggressive, assertive, and firm in trying to get the prospect to move forward.

Part of that may include telling the prospect what they should do next in terms of the options that you would like them to pursue. It may also include very direct questions asking the prospect to move forward.

Soft Closing
Whether that is a perfect explanation of hard closing the sales or not, to explain what soft closing is, it is a soft approach that lets the prospect determine what they would like to do next without any pressure or persuasion from the salesperson.

Examples of what a salesperson might say or ask when soft closing:

How do you feel about what we have discussed so far?
What direction do you want to go from here?
When do you want to meet again?

Benefits of Soft Closing
Soft closing the sale can have a powerful effect on your leads and prospects.

Improve Rapport
First, your sales prospect will notice that you are not being a pushy salesperson. This will have an immediate improvement on the level of rapport that you have with the prospect.

You will totally turn the tables and go from being an annoying pushy salesperson and will immediately become a likable business advisor.

Clean Up Your Pipeline
The more you soft close, the better quality deals, and opportunities that will be in your pipeline. The reason why is that you will be removing any prospects that might have been pushed to move forward in discussions by hard closing tactics but have low intentions or probability of purchasing.

Other Steps You Need to Take
A very important thing to keep in mind if you shift to being softer in your close attempts is that it is critical to perform a lot of the other standard steps with the sales prospect. Here is a list of other things you must be sure to do.

Communicate Value
It is important to communicate the value that you offer. This is talking about how your product or service will help the prospect, not just about what your product or service does.

Find Pain
You need to be consistent at finding out if the prospect has the pain points that you help to fix and making them aware of it.

Before you soft close, be sure to qualify them. This will give you the confidence that they need what you have and that they will make the right decision.


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