We had a very productive sales training webinar this week and here are the recording and slides. The topic was “Sell More by Screening Good Prospects from Bad.”


Your Time is Valuable and Must Be Protected
In this sales training webinar, we focus on the key principle that your time is extremely valuable. You only have so many hours in the day and when you chose to spend your time with one prospect, you are sacrificing time that you could spend with another prospect.

If you don’t choose wisely, you may select to spend your valuable time with a prospect that does not end up purchasing from you and you missed an opportunity with a better prospect. When this happens, this has a negative impact on your sales results and income.

Sell More by Being More Selective
In order to prevent this, you need to be able to improve your ability to choose the right prospects to spend your valuable time with. In this sales training webinar, we provide you with a 2 step qualifying process that will make it crystal clear which prospects deserve your time.

Step 1 – Pre-Qualify
The first step discussed in this sales training webinar is to pre-qualify the prospect. This involves asking some very light, probing questions to determine if the prospect is in the vicinity of being a fit with what you have to offer.

These questions and part of the process is at the very beginning of the sales process – the first cold call or conversation. These will help you to gather some valuable information from the prospect and help you to determine if it even makes sense to invest time together and keep talking.

Step 2 – Hard Qualify
As you progress into deeper discussions with a prospect, you are going to want to continue to screen them to see how much time you should continue to invest. For example, if you are approaching a point where a prospect would like you to put together a presentation or proposal before you spend hours and days working on such an activity, you will want to see if the prospect is really serious, meaning worth you spending your valuable time.

The way to do this level of screening is by asking some hard qualifying questions. These are questions that will help you to determine if the prospect has the need to purchase, the authority, the ability, and the genuine intent.


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