The following are the top sales tips that can have an immediate improvement in your sales results. No matter your level of experience or knowledge, these tips are very simple and practical to implement.


Use a Sales Script

Commonly, salespeople have a very negative impression of using a sales script. This is partly because many people think of a script as being a lengthy document that we read from and repeat word for word.

In reality, a sales script can simply be a bullet point list of questions and statements to go through when speaking with prospects. Our execution can be greatly improved by having these listed out.


Prepare for Objections

The fact that you will face objections throughout your sales process is a given. It can be prospects stating they’re not interested, not looking to make changes, or your prices are too high. Either way, you’re guaranteed to have to deal with these responses.

Simply preparing for these objections is one of the top sales tips. There are only about 10 to 15 objections you’ll consistently encounter. Because of this, we can easily list out the objections we anticipate, followed by scripting out the best responses.


Focus on Qualifying

It is easy to find ourselves trying to sell to everybody with the pressing need to find business and close deals. This causes a problem because not everybody is a good fit for what we’re offering, which leads to us wasting time speaking to prospects who have a very low probability of purchasing.

By using the top sales tips, we go from chasing everybody to moving toward qualifying prospects, and we’ll be more selective when it comes to the prospects that we spend our valuable time with. Using this step alone improves your pipeline management and closing ratio.


Try to Find Pain

When finding prospects who have a level of pain involving the products and services you’re selling, you will improve results. Ask things like, is everything great, just OK, or could it be better?

Without pain, there’s no reason for the change, which likely results in things stalling out as the prospect might not have the burning need to move forward.


Effectively Collect and Manage Information

There is usually information collected with every prospect interaction. Typically, it is collected during research before sales calls or could be gathered directly from prospects. Your discussions will be more productive which will lead to better lead generation as you begin to master gathering and managing this information.

The top sales tips discussed above will help you gather more information from your prospects. You can use many different tools and processes to ensure the information is easily accessed throughout the sales cycle.



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