The following are some key things that you can do to make your sales pitch script strong and powerful.


Communicate Value

Clearly communicating the value that you’re offering is one of the first things that you need to focus on with your sales pitch script. The benefits that you deliver to your customers or clients and essentially how you help them is the value that you’re offering.

Value can be broken down into three different levels: technical, business, and personal.

Technical value:  How you help your clients at the lowest and most basic level is Technical Value. Normally, this is at the level of systems, processes, and people. When you assist in making any of those areas work better, those improvements are the technical value that you have to offer.

Business value: The technical improvements that you make will create benefits as well as improvements at the business level. Examples of improvements are in the areas of revenue, costs, and customers.

Personal value: Helping clients achieve technical and business improvements leads to improvements that impact your clients at a personal level. These appear in the areas such as compensation, career growth, and workload.


Build Interest

It is important that you include language that will help you to build interest in your sales pitch script.

Connect value with pain: Try displaying a connection between the pain the prospect is experiencing and the value that you’re offering. An example is communicating how your value will resolve your prospect’s pain.

Communicate ROI: Explain to them the return on investment that other clients of yours have achieved by investing in your products and services. You can help build interest as well as make your sales pitch script more powerful by giving quantitative figures.

Communicate how you differ: Communicating how you stand out from your competitors and the prospect’s other options is a great way to build interest.

Outline threats from doing nothing: There’s always the option for the prospect to do nothing as well as not purchase anything. Communicate to the prospect what negative outcomes may occur if they choose to do nothing.

Share key company facts: Key company facts need to be included in your sales pitch script. These should be details regarding your company that are impressive and decent bragging points. Examples are years in business, market share, awards, client details, etc.

Client stories: Telling a story about an existing or past client is incredibly powerful. You build interest and credibility when you’re able to display how you’ve helped another business.


Trial Close

The trial close is a powerful step that is quite often left out of a sales pitch script. Checking in with the prospect to see what their thoughts are is key. You can try assuming what the prospect is thinking, but you take the risk of being wrong.  Ask them instead of making assumptions so that you know where you stand as well as what direction you’re heading in your sales pitch script.

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