If a salesperson is operating more as a taker, he or she might feel less confident about the reason for contacting a prospect, and this can lead to the salesperson using weaker language than he or she should. For example, many salespeople will open a cold call or email by saying something similar to one the following:

I know you are busy right now.
I will try to not take too much of your time.
I am sorry to bother you.
I will make this really quick.

Try to eliminate using language like this when talking with your prospects. Not only does this make you look like a salesperson who is trying to sell something, but using this language can also be impacting your mindset.

You don’t have to be apologetic when trying to start conversations with prospects. When you become more value aware and see yourself more as a giver than a taker, you will see that there is nothing wrong with calling prospects because you are trying to see if they are in the group of people or businesses that desperately need the help that you offer. You have nothing to apologize for and should not view yourself as being a bother.

For example, if you found a wallet on the ground and you are trying to find the person who it belongs to, would you be apologetic when you approached people to see if they were missing their wallet? Would you worry about bothering them or taking them away from what they are doing? You probably would not because you know that what you have is of tremendous value. This same concept applies to your product as it offers tremendous value for the person who needs what you sell.