Here are some quick sales pitch tips that stand a good chance of immediately improving your sales efforts.


1. Don’t sound like a salesperson.

We operate with the belief that people don’t mind buying stuff, but nobody really enjoys being sold to. If that is true, then it might help us to improve our conversations and relationships with sales prospects if we can try to avoid sounding like a salesperson trying to sell something.

This is not to say that you need to misrepresent who you are or mislead the prospect. It is more so to take an approach with these sales pitch tips that present you more as a business person, consultant, or advisor who represents a company and has some help to offer.


2. Minimize how much you talk about your products and company.

The next couple of sales pitch tips are going to help you minimize looking like a salesperson trying to sell something and that starts with trying to decrease the amount of time you spend talking about your products and company.

Of course, those details are important, but when you share them and how much you talk about those details compared to everything else that you say is the key.


3. Focus more on the prospect than you.

Part of the problem with talking too much about your products and company is that it is an “all about me” type of approach. This can be a less-than-optimum way to communicate with someone in a variety of different situations.

Making your conversation more about the prospect than about you will not only make you sound more like a businessperson than a salesperson but also help you establish more engaging conversations and extract valuable information.


4. Ask more probing sales questions.

One way to use these sales pitch tips and get conversations more focused on the prospect than on you is to ask probing sales questions. The best salesperson is the one who asks the best questions, and there are many salespeople who either don’t ask enough questions or don’t ask the right questions.

It can be understandable to think that asking more questions is great, but there is a lack of ideas about what exactly to ask. One place to put some thought is to look at the problems that your product or service can resolve, minimize, or avoid. For each of these problems or pain points, you can likely develop one or two probing questions.

These questions can then be the core piece of your pitch, and you can build your conversations around asking these. That is going to help you to achieve all of the previous sales pitch tips mentioned as you will sound more like a business person than a salesperson, you will minimize talking about your products, and you will be focusing more on the prospect than you.