It can be very helpful when trying to improve cold calling to listen to some sort of cold calling demo. Since we provide a lot of tips on making outbound sales calls we have been trying to provide recordings of calls and have attached a playlist of videos with recordings to this blog post.

Not a Perfect Process
Unfortunately, getting a good cold calling demo is more difficult than you would think simply because we have held some cold call demo workshops and it can be hard to get a lot of prospects on the phone during the hour that we spend making calls. This is actually fairly normal as it can take a lot of dials and attempts to get prospects on the phone.

We will continue to try to improve the process and put more cold call demo recordings on our YouTube channel and attach them to this playlist so the sample recordings should get better and more complete over time.

Something to Learn from Every Cold Call
Regardless of what happens on the cold call, there is usually something to look at and learn from. If the call goes well, there are things to look at in terms of what can be replicated to try to positively impact calls in the future.

If the cold demo does not go well, you can look at what could have been done better or differently to avoid those situations when they come up again. In some ways, demo calls that are bad provide more for us to learn from than calls where everything goes great.

What to Look at on Call Demos
There are some key things to look at when listening to a recording of a cold call.

  • What went well: Certainly stop to think about what went well and try to identify if there is anything that can be applied to future calls.
  • What did not go well: On the other side of that step is to stop and think about what did not go well and see if there is something that can be learned and applied to avoid that situation in the future.
  • What objections came up: It is extremely productive to try to listen for what objections came up on the call. When you hear one, then listen to how the salesperson responded. Did the response help to keep the call going? Did the objection bring the call to an end? Was there a better way to respond?
  • What questions could have been asked: The best salesperson is the one that asks the best questions. With that, listen to what questions were asked on the cold call. Were they productive at establishing the call or getting good information from the prospect? Try to think about what questions could have been asked on the cold calling demo and those two steps can help you to improve the questions you ask when you make cold calls.