We regularly how cold call demo webinars (view our events calendar if you would like to join a future one) and we try to share some of the calls and this is an analysis of an example of a sales talk script from a recent session.

What Went Well
In this example of a sales talk script, you hear a quick call that I had with a target prospect. While the call did not end with scheduling an appointment or generating a lead, there are a couple of things that went well.

The first thing that I think went well is that I was able to get around the prospect’s first objection of “what is this call in regards to” and establish the call.

I think I did a decent job of asking questions. Both questions got a fairly negative response in terms of the prospect saying they were OK. I will explain in the next session that I could have responded better to the prospect’s responses but I think that establishing the call and the questions asked in this example of a sales talk script went fairly well.

What Could Have Been Done Better
As mentioned, the prospect gave fairly cold responses to my questions. And maybe everything is perfect over there and they do not need what we sell but how could here or I really know by only looking at the information exchanged in this example of a sales talk script.

This is a good example of where we can lose sight of what the real goal of a cold call is. Our natural instinct is to make decisions that are more aligned with the goal of trying to sell our product. But that is not our goal of the cold call as a better goal to focus on is simply starting the conversation.

For example, when he said:

I think we already have all of the tools in place that helps them to get connects.

This objection is more relevant to the goal of us trying to sell something or him buying something and it is not a real reason to not start a conversation. I will talk more in the next session about how I could have responded to this objection, but when I accepted that objection, I was more focused on the goal of selling the product instead of focusing more on starting a conversation and this was possibly the main thing I could have done better.

What Objections Came Up
Two objections came upon this example of a sales talk script:

What is the call in regards to?

I responded to this with my value statement and then followed that with a soft sales takeaway and that allowed me to get around the objection and establish the call.

We have all the tools that we need.

I could have responded to this sales objection better by focusing more on trying to set the appointment. The fact that he thinks he has all the tools he needs is not a relevant objection because my goal is to have a conversation, not sell him tools. This is explained more and demonstrated in the attached recording.

We hope this example of a sales talk script gives you some ideas for how you can improve your cold calling.