Figuring out how to write a telesales script can be easier than you probably think. There are just some key principles to get your hands around, and it is smooth sailing from there.


Communicate Value

When selling over the phone, you need to tell the prospect why they need to stop what they are doing and talk with you. Talking about your products does not necessarily do this, especially if the prospect is not currently looking to buy what you have to offer.

Communicate the value that your products offer to not only tell the prospect why they should talk with you but also to improve your ability to grab their attention. Value is not what your products are and do; it is what they help your prospects to do and to achieve.


Focus on Prospect Pain

You only really have between 2 to 5 minutes to work with when you get a prospect on the phone. Don’t waste this time trying to explain how your products work. Not only is 2 to 5 minutes not enough time for that, but as just mentioned, that is not a way to grab and keep the prospect’s attention.

Spend this valuable time talking to the prospect about the challenges that they are having. And to be most effective, drive the conversation specifically toward the pains that you help to resolve.

To help with this, include common pain examples in your telesales script. When you share these examples with the prospect, check in to see if they are having any of the same issues or concerns.


Prequalifying Questions

One of the biggest mistakes that we can make in our telesales script is to develop language that sells to everybody that we get on the phone. We believe that there is a better way, and that is to prequalify the prospects that you talk to by asking them a couple of questions.

Not only does this help to make sure that it makes sense for you to sell to them and simply keep talking, but it can also help to make calls more conversational and help to decrease the prospect’s guardedness.

One great thing about including prequalifying questions in your telesales script is that they can actually become the purpose and centerpiece of your sales script – “I am not sure if you are a fit so I was just calling with a question or two.”


Building Interest Points

At some point on the call, you will need to create enough interest so that the prospect moves on to the next stage in your sales process, whether that be an appointment, demo, quote, etc.

It can be easy to feel like we just tell the prospect what our products do, and they will either be interested or they won’t. But there are some very key things that you can include in your sales script to trigger interest, like sharing ROI details, how you differ, telling a client success story, painting a future state picture, discussing the impact of doing nothing, etc.


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