Here are some cold call recordings that provide good sales pitch samples to get ideas for what to do and not to do:

Financial advisory services
Here is one of the sales pitch samples that is a call from a financial advisory. I think overall he did a pretty good job but he definitely missed some opportunities and exited the call way too early. Here is a recording with some analysis at the end.

Financial services provider
This is one of our sales pitch samples with a call from a fintech company or some type of financial services provider. I think if this guy would have asked some more questions, he could have kept the call going and that is explained in the analysis after the call.

Some type of agency services
This is one of our sales pitch samples that is probably more of a bad call than good and what not to do. There is a review of all the things that could have been done better after the call recording.

Sales script for a stock broker
This is one of our sales pitch samples from some sort of stockbroker. I think this guy was trying to be the “Wolf of Wall Street” and in my opinion, that is just too cheesy and old school. I believe in a consultative sales approach and you could certainly apply that to being a stock broker and I explain that on the recording.


Sales script for payroll software
This is a cold call example for a salesperson that seems to sell payroll software. I think this guy does a really good job of figuring out that we are not a fit and letting the call go so he can go find better prospects. But there are some things that he could have asked to make the call better and that is all explained in the review at the end.


Sales script for SalesScripter
This is one of our sales pitch samples for a call for SalesScripter. This is a good example of how to handle the “what is this in regards to” objection. This is the objection that will come up the most with gatekeepers so you will need to have a good response. I recommend that you simply reply with your value statement and this is an example of how to do that.

Sales script for SalesScripter

This is another one of the sales pitch samples for a cold call for SalesScripter. On this call, this is a good example of how to try to get the most out of the gatekeeper, and on this call I was able to get the direct dial for the target prospect.

Explanation of a sales script example

This is a video that is not a record of a real example of sales pitch samples but it is a video that explains how to create your own script for your product or service.