Here are some cold call recordings that provide good examples for a sample calling script:

Financial advisory services

This is a sample calling script from a salesperson that appears to sell financial advisory services or wealth management. I think overall he did a decent job but you can easily listen to this call recording and see some small things that if he made a tweak here and a tweak there, he could greatly improve his sales results.

Financial services provider

This is a sample calling script from a salesperson from a fintech company or a financial services company who called us to talk to us about wire transfers. He asked one question and then disqualified us as I mentioned in the analysis at the end of the call, he could have asked some different questions and kept the call going and maybe generated a lead.

Some type of agency services
This is a pretty bad sample calling script but it is sometimes more productive to listen to bad sales examples as they can make it really clear what not to do. There are a few different things that went bad on this call and are worth listening to.

A call from a stock broker
Here is a sample calling script from a stockbroker and I think this is a great example of a salesperson that is stuck in the past. I think this guy is trying to be the “Wolf of Wall Street” and the more he can sound like that, I bet the better he thinks he is doing. In my opinion, the more you sound like a pushy, cheesy salesperson, the more you are damaging rapport and making the prospect put up their guard. I believe in consultative selling and you can very easily apply our approach to selling stocks or trying to get clients for a stockbroker.

Sales script for SalesScripter
This is a sample calling script for a call for SalesScripter. Not a really remarkable call but it is a good example of how to respond to the “what is this in regards to” sales objection. We talk a lot about how to answer that and this is a recording where we apply what we recommend in all of our training videos.

Sales script for SalesScripter

This is another sample calling script for a cold call for SalesScripter. Again, not a revolutionary call but there is something to take from every call that you in terms of a lesson to learn. On this call, there is a good example of trying to get the direct dial number for a target prospect as a strategy to avoid the gatekeeper on future calls.

Explanation of a sales script example
This is a video that is not a record of a real example of sample calling script but it is a video that explains how to create your own script for your product or service.