Here is a sample calling script.

Gatekeeper: Hello thank you for calling Williams Industries. How can I help you?
Sales person: Hi, I am trying reach the person that over sees operations. Can you point me in the right direction?

Gatekeeper: May I ask what this call is in regards to?
Sales person: Sure, well the reason why I am calling is that we help businesses to improve their ability to manage employee’s schedules.

In this example, the gatekeeper delivered one of their favorite objections and that is “What is this call in regards to?” If you answer that directly, you will give an answer that includes mentioning an introduction or scheduling a meeting. At that point they know to get rid of you as you are a sales person trying to sell something.

Another option to use here is to simply respond with your value statement. This might not tell the gatekeeper to let you in. But it won’t tell them right away that it is OK to shut you down. Let’s continue with the sample calling script.

Gatekeeper: I’ll connect you with Mario Gonzales. Target prospect: Hello, this is Mario. Sales person: Hi Mario, this is Tina Phillips from Progress Track. Have I caught you in the middle of anything?

In the sample calling script, we replace “How are you doing today?” with a question to make sure the prospect at least has a couple of minutes for us to execute our call.

Target prospect: No, I have a couple of minutes. Sales person: Great, well the purpose of my call is we help businesses to improve their ability to manage employee’s schedules. I actually don’t know if you need what we provide so I had just a couple of questions.

Here we delivered a value statement and then disqualified the prospect mentioning that we weren’t sure if there was a fit. This helps to decrease the prospect’s guard and builds rapport.

Sales person: How are you currently building and managing employee schedules? Target prospect: We currently use excel spreadsheets.

Here is a good place to ask some qualifying questions.

Sales person: Oh, I see. When we talk with companies using excel spreadsheets, we find that they often have trouble appropriately staffing labor according to business demand and also making changes throughout the week. Can you relate to any of that? Target prospect: Yes, definitely.

In this part of the sample calling script, we gave some examples of common pain points that we resolve.

Sales person: Well, that is why I am calling as that is those are the key challenges that we help to resolve. But I have called you out of the blue and I have more questions and would like to share some more info with you. How about we put some time on the calendar next week where I can come by your office and discuss this in more detail with you? Target prospect: Yes, that sounds like a good idea.


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