We recently hosted a sales training webinar on the topic of How to Build Buyer Persona Focused Sales and Marketing Campaigns, and here is a video of the recording.


What is a campaign?

To begin to consider these concepts, we want to share with you how we use the word “campaign” as it can mean different things to different people. We see a campaign as a set of messaging (or everything that you say) when trying to drive demand for a product (or group of products) and communicating to a particular audience.

You could operate with one campaign where you say the same thing and talk tracks to all of the different prospects that you interact with. We feel that this is not the optimum way to go, and you can improve your sales results by having different campaigns that are tailored for the different buyer personas that you sell to.


Why Having a Campaign Tailored for a Buyer Persona Will Improve Results

By having sales messaging that is tailored for the particular buyer personas that you talk with, you will stand to communicate how you can help more clearly by speaking the prospect’s language. This will not only help you to build more interest, but it will also help you to make a better impression by appearing more knowledgeable and experienced.

This can help you build more rapport with the prospect and make selling and managing sales cycles easier.


How to Break Down the Different Buyer Personas

There are a few ways that you can categorize prospects when considering their buyer persona.

If you sell to different types of businesses, you could look at the different industries or types of businesses as different buyer personas.

For example, if you sell to manufacturing, retail, and medical, each of these types of businesses could have a different buyer persona because they have different needs, interests, pain points, vernacular, etc. Even though your product will work the same for these different industries, speaking their language and tailoring your pitch to their needs will help you to improve results.

Size of Business
You could also consider different sizes of businesses to be different buyer personas. For example, even when selling the same product, you may want to have different messaging when talking with a small business compared to a large corporation.

You may also want to consider different departments that you sell to as different buyer personas. For example, if you can sell into both Finance and IT, your messaging can be tailored to the individual needs and interests of each department.

Level in Organization
You can actually keep going if you want to get more granular with your sales and marketing campaigns and actually have messaging that is unique to the level in the organization. Even if you are only looking at selling to the Finance department, the CFO may have different needs and interests than a Finance Manager and could be treated as a unique buyer persona.