In this video, we provide some quick tips on how to structure an insurance sales pitch that triggers interest on the prospect’s side.


The Traditional Way to Build Interest

The way a lot of salespeople attempt to build interest by talking about their products and company. With this approach, as the salesperson tries to make a prospect more interested, they will often continue to share more details about the products and their company in their insurance sales pitch.

While this type of information is important and does need to be shared with a prospect at some point, it can sometimes not be the most effective way to make a prospect more interested. For one reason, this approach may make the sales prospect more guarded, feeling like they are being sold something and someone is trying to convince them to do something.


Other Ways to Build Interest

There is actually a way to modify this approach so that you still talk about your products and company in your insurance sales pitch, but you do it in a way that focuses more on certain details that can be more effective at getting interest to spike. Here are a few examples:

Return on Investment
As you discuss what your products do, try to include details on the return on investment (ROI) that the prospect could expect. If the prospect spends a certain amount of dollars on your product or service, how long or what type of return will they get from that investment?

One thing that can help you to build interest with your insurance sales pitch is to get the prospect to understand how you differ from your competitors or other options. This is an important step and one that we can forget to take when we dig into the details of our products and services.

Share a Client Story
A very effective way of sharing how you can help a prospect is by sharing a story of how you helped someone else.

Paint a Picture of a Future State
If your product or service improves things for a prospect, you can try to design your insurance sales script so that you paint a picture in their head of how things will be down the road if they purchase from you.

Impacts of Doing Nothing
One powerful building interest tactic that fits really nicely with selling insurance is discussing the impacts of doing nothing. What are the risks or what could happen down the road if the prospect does not have your product or a certain level of coverage?

Company Facts
And when you do get to the right place where you talk about your company, share some key facts that will make the prospect interested. Are there some bragging points about your company that are impressive or attention-grabbing? If so, including some of these in your insurance sales pitch can help you to get the prospect to be more interested.