We had a webinar this week on the topic of “Build Email Drip Campaigns that Convert Sales”. Here is a video of the webinar and also the slides if you were not able to make it.



Here are some of the main topics that we cover in this sales training webinar.

Building Your Email Drip Marketing List
In order to do email drip marketing, you have to have some sort of list of contacts to send emails to. Here are some of the places you can go as you pull this list together.

  • Company systems: The systems that your company uses like CRM and accounting software likely have a number of contacts and email addresses for contacts that you should be doing some sort of email marketing to.
  • Purchase lists: There are many different contact list providers that you can go to in order to purchase a list of contacts and email addresses.
  • Web traffic: One of the best places to get qualified or pre-qualified contacts and email addresses is by getting visitors on your website to voluntarily opt-in to get on your email drip marketing list.
  • Social media: If you have accounts on social media platforms, you will likely have contacts or connections and these can be exported and added to your email marketing list.

Segment Your List
Once you pull your email marketing list together, it is very important to segment the list as there are different types or categories of contacts and each of these groups can be marketed to and communicated with in different ways. Here are some of the segments that you can organize your email drip campaigns around.

  • Suspects
  • Prospects
  • Customers
  • Referral Partners

Develop Your Email Marketing Content
The more challenging step that you will face when you work to build out your email drip marketing process will be developing the content that you are going to be sending out.

One thing that you can do as you start to develop this content is to organize your thoughts and information into two categories:

  • Prospect-Focused Content: This is content that is more about the prospect and the improvements they can make, the problems they might want to resolve, and other helpful or interesting information.
  • Product-Focused Content: This is content that is more focused on you, the products you sell, and the company that you work for.

Build Your Email Drip Campaigns
Once you have segmented your list, you can then build email drip campaigns for each segment. Each campaign can look unique in terms of the number of emails that you send, the frequency with which you send emails, the type of content that you send, and the look and feel of your emails.


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