Having a good sales pitch can often be one of the differences that lead to success. But what makes a sales pitch good exactly? Here are a few things to take into consideration when developing your pitch.


Keep it short and sweet

Whether your sales pitch is over the phone, in person, or in an email, one thing that you must always try to avoid is being too long-winded. It is important to always keep in mind that the prospect’s time and attention are limited and factor this into how long of a sales pitch you deliver.

If you are talking to someone on the phone or possibly in person at a networking event, your pitch should be as brief as 2 to 5 minutes in length. Anything longer than that and you are moving too slowly or going into too much detail and you are going to start to lose the prospect.


Avoid too many product and company details

One way to be briefer is to avoid going into too much detail about your products or your company. You can save those details for when you are in a more formal meeting with the prospect.


Focus on the next step in your sales process

A good sales pitch should focus on trying to get the prospect to advance and commit to the next step in your sales process. For example, if you are talking with a prospect for the first time, the next step in your sales process may be to simply schedule a meeting or appointment.

When that is the case, you should focus your sales pitch so that you sell the prospect on continuing to move forward and sell the meeting versus trying to completely sell your product or service.


Focus on the value that you offer

In place of talking about your products or services, you should focus more on the value that your products or services offer in a good sales pitch. This value is what your products help your customers to do or achieve.

Once you identify your core value, you can develop some different versions of value statements, and these are one-sentence statements that communicate your value. This can be the centerpiece of your sales pitch.


Include prospect pain that you resolve

One way to grab the prospect’s attention is to focus on the pain that you help to resolve. These are the challenges that you help to fix, and if the prospect happens to have some of those and hears you mention that you help with those during your sales pitch, you can stand to create a productive and engaging conversation.


Ask qualifying questions

When we think of a good sales pitch, we often think about all the things we can say about what we sell. But what can be more powerful are questions back to the prospect that get them talking and help you extract information to qualify the prospect.


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