This is a short clip taken from our recent webinar on How to Make Closing Prospect Easy and in this clip, I talk about how your sales pitch will make closing easier.

Some may mix closing and your sales pitch together. I see them as two separate steps and you have a step where you deliver your sales pitch which is your message about what you have to offer and then you have your close attempt where try to get your prospect to agree to purchase what you have to offer.

While the topic of the sales training webinar was closing, in the video I demonstrate how much of an impact your sales pitch has on your ability to close. I do this by going through two scenarios – a product-pushing sales pitch and a consultative selling sales pitch.

The reason why many salespeople find closing so difficult is that they are using a product-pushing sales pitch and after they get through their key points about their company and product, they then try to get the prospect to move forward. With this approach, closing is more difficult and this is where the salesperson is required to be aggressive, pushy, and manipulative in order to get the prospect to agree to move forward.

But as shown in the video, with more of a consultative approach where the salesperson asks good questions, outlines the benefits offered, points out the pain points resolved, shares customer examples, etc., the close is much easier as you the right things were done prior to the close.

And with the consultative approach, if you aren’t able to successfully close, there are many options for things to keep talking about. You can go back to ask more of your questions, or discuss the prospect’s answers to questions you already asked, discuss benefits and pain points more, etc.


We hope this video and these tips help you to become better at closing sales!