In this video, we discuss creating real estate cold calling scripts for sellers. These are scripts for investors to use when cold calling property owners to see if they want to sell their properties. Another way to view this scenario is that this could be for the “we buy properties” type of real estate investors.


Sales Script Writing Process

To create this sales script, we go through a step-by-step process to brainstorm key details about the product or service being sold.

  • Product
  • Target
  • Value
  • Pain
  • Questions



The product for this cold calling script is buying real estate properties. After identifying the product or service being sold, try to brainstorm the features that are included. Here are some features for real estate cold calling scripts for sellers:

We buy real estate that is distressed in some way
We will take the property of the owner’s hands and pay the typical market value
We can either raise money for the purchase or take over the owner’s debt
We can also finance over time creating an income stream

One additional step when brainstorming product details is to think about how the product differs from the competition. Here are some differentiation points for this salesperson:

With us, you will get a higher purchase price than selling on the open market
With us, you will not have to pay a broker fee Quicker to close because not going through a bank



To create cold calling scripts that take you to the next level, stop to think about the target audience that you are creating the script for. In this case, we are targeting property owners.



The next step in the process for creating real estate cold calling scripts for sellers is to identify the value that we have to offer the target audience. Here are some benefits that we brainstormed for this salesperson:

Get distressed properties off their hands and out of their books
Decrease the headache and financial losses with underperforming properties
Get the most value from the sale of underperforming properties
Turn properties that are losing money into positive cashflow
Decrease the time it takes to sell properties Improve their debt to income



Once you brainstorm the benefits offered by the product or service, you can turn each benefit upside down to think about a problem or pain point that is resolved.

Distressed properties can be difficult to sell
Underperforming properties can be a strain on profitability
Can be difficult to get a good price for distressed properties
Many properties can have zero or negative cash flow It can take a lot of time to sell distressed properties
Floating rates can bring properties underwater with rising interest rates



The key to good real estate cold calling scripts for sellers is to ask good questions. And if we came up with a good list of pain points in the previous step, we can use each pain point to think of a question to ask to see if the prospect has that problem or concern.

How much of a priority is it to sell underperforming properties?
Do you have any properties that are negatively impacting profitability?
How concerned are you about losing money when selling any distressed properties?
How important is it to quickly sell any of your properties?
How concerned are you about how rising rates is impacting your cash flow?


We hope this helps you with creating Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts for Sellers!