In this video, we provide a cold call script for leads from events. If you are a business owner or a marketing department for a company, you might be well aware that one of the best ways to generate leads is to host or attend some sort of event. And when you end up with a list of event leads, the key step to figuring out is how best to follow up with them to turn them into qualified leads that can be added to your pipeline. The cold call script and process that we outline in this video will make it clear how best to do that.


Make the Cold Call Warm

Everything that we discuss in this video on a cold call script for leads from events will center around 3 core concepts and the first one is to make the cold call a warm call. If you are calling leads from an event, you are pretty much making a cold call. But what we can do is use the event to make the cold call a warm call and the way to do that is to ask questions about the event.

Here are some event follow-up questions to ask in a cold call script for leads from events:

Were you able to attend the event?
What did you think of the event?
Was there any information provided that you found helpful?
Is there any information that you need or wanted that you did not get?
Are there any questions you have from the event?
Did you think it was a good use of your time?
What motivated you to sign up and come to the event?


Transition Back to the Cold Call Script

After you have warmed up and established the call, you will want to find the right time to transition back to the cold call script for the product or service that you would like to sell this prospect.

This is important because you only want to spend the entire call talking about the event if your event follow-up questions create a reason to talk more on another day. In most cases, the follow-up questions create a warm exchange and are not productive enough to justify spending the entire call talking about the event.

With that, after asking a few questions, try to transition back to your cold call script so that you can try to turn the event lead into a qualified lead that can be added to the pipeline. The best way to do this is by asking a question, and you can either ask some of your pain questions or current state questions to transition away from the discussion around the event.

For example, after talking a little about the event, you could say something like:

Okay, great. Well, if I could ask you real quick:

How are the sales reps doing with knowing what to say and ask?
How important is it to decrease the time it takes to get sales reps ramped up and producing? How do feel about the amount of credit the training department gets?
How concerned is management about sales staff turnover?


We hope this gives you some ideas for your cold call script for leads from events.