We regularly how cold call demo webinars and we try to share some of the sales script examples this is an analysis from a recent event.

What Went Well
On this call, you hear one of our sales script examples and it is not a spectacular call in any way but there are certainly some things that we can reflect on.

One thing to point out from this call is that I did not have a good contact name but I made the most of it and there are a couple of things to point out regarding this. First, having a contact name, whether old or in the wrong position, is better than calling up and just asking for a person by title as it makes the call more familiar and can trigger less guardedness.

And once you start off by mentioning someone’s name, you can then ask for the correct contact in a less subtle way.

When I did that on this particular one of our sales script examples, the gatekeeper used one of the most common sales objections and that was something similar to:

What is this call in regards to?

I think I did a good job of responding to this and my advice is to always respond to it with your value proposition and I said something like:

The reason why I am calling is we work with managers and directors of inside sales and help them to get their reps saying the right things and asking the right questions.

I then recommend following that up on sales script examples with a soft takeaway and I did that by saying something like:

But I am not sure if we are a good fit for you all or not and that is why I am reaching out.

If you listen to the call, after this tactic, the gatekeeper suggests that I send an email to the President of the company. Now we could view this as a blow-off and that it would most likely take more than one email to get connected with the President. But another way to view this is that our objection response passed the test because the gatekeeper would not have given out the email address to the President of the company if he thought that we were a pesky salesperson trying to sell something.

What Could Have Been Done Better
As I just mentioned, having the email address for the President or decision maker is a good step but we can be certain that it will take more than sending one email to get engaged. With that being the case, we could have to get the President’s direct phone number.

The gatekeeper might not have given it out but it wouldn’t have been bad to at least try or ask.

What Objections Came Up
As I already mentioned, the main objection received was around what the call was in regards to and I handled it in an optimum way.

What Questions Could Have Been Asked
I could have asked for the direct number for the President. I could have also asked some of my pre-qualifying questions to the gatekeeper to see if he had any knowledge or information that I could have extracted and that could then possibly be used when contacting the President.

We hope these sales script examples give you some ideas of how you can improve your cold calling.