Here are some quick tips for how to create a good sales pitch email. But before we talk about some things to do in your email sales pitch, let’s first discuss what not to do.


Try to Not Sound Like a Salesperson Who is Selling Something

As you are writing your sales pitch email, try to do everything you can to not sound like a salesperson who is trying to sell something. This is important for a couple of reasons.

1. That is an “All About Me” Approach
It can be helpful in a lot of areas of life to always keep in mind that everybody has their own interests. When you are a salesperson communicating with a cold email to a prospect, one of your interests is to sell to them.

We don’t know what the prospect’s interests are, but it is safe to assume that their main interest when they receive your email is not going to be the same as yours and is not that they are looking to buy from you.

When you appear like a salesperson trying to sell something, you are presenting yourself in more of an “all about me” way as you are centering more around your interests.

2. The Prospect is Likely not in Buying Mode
It is safe to assume that the prospect is not actively looking to purchase what you sell when they receive your sales pitch email. This is not to say that they do not need what you sell or might not purchase it regularly, but the odds are low that they are thinking about buying what you sell when they get your email.

The problem with this disconnect is that this can increase the odds of the prospect receiving your email and having to make an instant “Yes/No” decision since you are appearing to sell something. And since they are not actively buying what you sell, there are decent odds for a “No” decision regarding how to proceed with your email, whether they respond or not.


How to Not Sound Like a Salesperson

In order to figure out how to not sound like a salesperson, let’s start by looking at what we can often do that makes us look like a salesperson trying to sell something. One of the main ways this impression gets created is when we center what we say and our emails around our company, the products we sell, and what our products do.

If you agree with that, then one key way to not sound like a salesperson is to minimize talking about your company and products. Instead, focus on the value that your products offer in terms of the improvements that you can help the prospect to realize. You can also focus more on the problems that you can help to resolve, minimize, or avoid.


Make it More About the Prospect

The great thing about focusing your sales pitch email more on the value that you offer and problems that you can help with is that you will be shifting from an “all about me” type of messaging and making your email more about the prospect.