This next tip may sound a bit fluffy, but there is a concept of using sales affirmations to improve your mindset. An affirmation is a positive statement that is a reminder of your strengths or something good in your life. Having these reminders can be helpful because we often think about our problems, weaknesses, or what is not going well and sometimes completely forget what is good. If you focus more on the negative stuff in your life, you will have a more negative mindset. And if you think more about the positive, you will have a more positive mindset. This is simply a tool and process to help you focus more on what is good and shift toward a more positive and stronger mindset.

One way to apply this to selling is to use affirmations to improve your mindset through the ups and downs that come with being a salesperson. For example, when you have feelings of frustration, anxiety, doubt, fear, or disappointment, you can use affirmations to minimize how much those emotions impact you. This could help you if you have anxiety when performing phone prospecting, because not only can anxiety about making calls impact how you sound on the phone, but it can also decrease the number of calls you end up making.

Using Your Sales Message as Affirmations

Each component of the consultative selling sales message can be used as sales affirmations.


  • Value Points: You can use the improvements your product offers to increase your confidence in what you sell and feel more justification for reaching out to prospects.
  • Pain Points: You can use the problems your product helps to solve to remind yourself that there are people out there who truly need what you sell.
  • Customer Example: Customer examples are great affirmations to remind you that there are people out there who have benefited from your product.
  • Product: The ways your product differs from the competition and the ROI your product delivers could be used to remind yourself as to why your product is better than the competition, and why your prospect should want to talk with you.


The practice of using affirmations does not need to be complicated. You can simply create the affirmations you think are helpful for you and put them on a piece of paper, and either stick that on the wall in your office or leave it on your desk. Then simply look at them when you start your day or when you are in prospecting mode. One side benefit of using sales affirmations that are derived from your sales message is this will put your sales message at the front of your mind, helping you to remember the key points you need to discuss when talking with prospects.