This next tip may sound a bit fluffy, but there is a concept of using affirmations to improve your mindset. An affirmation is a positive statement that is a reminder of your strengths or something good in your life. Having these reminders can be helpful because we often think about our problems, weaknesses, or what is not going well and sometimes completely forget what is good. If you focus more on the negative stuff in
your life, you will have a more negative mindset. And if you think more about the positive, you will have a more positive mindset.

Using affirmations is simply a tool and process to help you to focus more on what is good in order to shift toward a more positive and stronger mindset. One way to apply this to selling is to use affirmations to improve your mindset through the ups and downs that come with being a salesperson. For example, when you have feelings of frustration, anxiety, doubt, fear, or disappointment, you can use affirmations to minimize how much those emotions impact you.

This could help you if you have anxiety when performing cold calling. Not only can anxiety about making calls impact how you sound on the phone, but it can also decrease the number of calls you end up making. One option here is to use your value points as a sales affirmation to make you feel better about your reason for contacting the prospect. The way to apply that would be to reflect on all of the great improvements that your product can make before you start your prospecting or before each call. This will also help you to become more value aware and help you to view yourself as more of a giver than a taker.