We recently analyzed a cold call example from an HR and payroll outsourcing provider and we created a cold call script that is based on all of our recommendations and that is outlined in this video. Here are a few of the tips that we use for building this cold call script example.


Focus on the benefits

One of the first things we recommend is to stop to think about how your product or service helps your prospect or customer. Once you have brainstormed a few benefits or value points, you can use those as the opening in your cold call. Here are the value points that we created for a payroll outsourcing cold call script.

  • Decrease time and headaches dealing with payroll and HR
  • Decrease HR and payroll costs
  • Minimize payroll and HR errors or mistakes
  • Stay compliant with laws and regulations around employees


Identify pain points

We also recommend that you look for and focus on your prospect’s pain points. But the key here is to try to find pain points that are related to the product or service that you sell.

One trick that we use while creating a cold calling script is that each benefit that your product provides has an opposite pain point that it makes go away. With that, if you brainstorm a good list of value points, you should be able to create an opposite list of pain points that your product helps make go away. Here are the pain points that we created for an HR outsourcing cold call script.

  • It can be a headache, hassle, and complicated dealing with payroll and HR
  • Payroll and HR can be time consuming and expensive to handle in-house
  • It can be easy to make payroll and HR mistakes and errors
  • It can be difficult to stay compliant with all of the labor laws and regulations


Create pain questions

If you help to make certain pain points go away, you need to find prospects that have those pain points. The best way to find out if prospects have the pain points that you help with is to ask questions to see if the pain points are current problems or concerns.

With that, for each pain point, you can come up with at least one or two pain questions to ask. Here are the pain questions that we came up with for this PEO salesperson.

  •  How much of hassle or headache is payroll and HR for you or your organization?
  • How much of priority is it for you to decrease the amount of time or cost that you spend on payroll or HR?
  • How concerned are you that your organization might make a mistake or error regarding payroll or HR?
  • How much of a priority is it for you to make sure you don’t get hit with fines or lawsuits due to payroll or HR mistakes?

Once you have gone through those steps and brainstormed a few points and questions, you have everything you need to create a cold call script for HR and payroll outsourcing.