Here are some getting past the gatekeeper scripts for the sales objection of “What is this call in regards to?”. But before we give you the sales script to use, let’s explain this objection in a little more detail.

One of the Most Common Gatekeeper Objections
The first thing to be aware of with this sales objection is that it is one of the most common objections you will receive from gatekeepers, and it is one of their favorite methods to use when trying to screen out salespeople.

With that being the case, if you only focused on one objection with your getting past the gatekeeper scripts, this would be the one to focus on.

The Gatekeeper’s Logic with this Sales Objection
In order to successfully understand and use the getting past the gatekeeper scripts that we will provide, it can help if you understand what the gatekeeper is trying to do when they give you this sales objection.

There are two reasons why a gatekeeper would ask you this question.

  1. They are trying to figure out why you are calling so they can do their best to connect you with the right person.
  2. The gatekeeper has been given clear instructions to not let salespeople through and they are asking this question to get you to say something that signals that you are a salesperson so that they can have confidence that they are doing the right thing when they prevent you from being connected with anybody.

While those two reasons sound equally reasonable as to why the gatekeeper is asking you this, about 90% of the time you hear this question it will be motivated by the second reason.

What You Should Not Do
If the gatekeeper is trying to determine if you are a salesperson in order to know whether to get rid of you or not, then it makes the most sense to use getting past the gatekeeper scripts that prevent you from sounding like a salesperson.

Even though you are indeed a salesperson, there are some small things you can do to not make that so apparent to the gatekeeper. One of those is to not directly answer the question with an honest answer that you are calling to set an appointment, calling to introduce your company, calling to see if they need what you sell, etc.

Simply Reply with Your Value Statement
Even though this objection can seem tricky, our solution for you is incredibly easy and it is to just reply with your value statement. Here is an example of what to say:

Gatekeeper: What is in regards to?

You: Well, the reason for my call is that we work with sales managers and help them to shorten the amount of time it takes to ramp up new sales hires.

When you say this in your getting past the gatekeeper scripts, it won’t necessarily tell them something that makes them receive you with open arms, but what it will do is tell them to immediately get rid of you.