In this video, we provide a step-by-step process for making cold calling easier. Cold calling can be one of the most difficult tasks that a salesperson has to do because:

  • Very small window of time: You have an extremely small window of time to work with when you get connected with a prospect on a cold call
  • A lot of information to share: You most likely have a lot of information that you want to share with the prospect in this small window of time
  • Prospects can be difficult: Most of the time prospects do not answer the phone with open arms and it can be somewhat of a hostile environment
  • Never know what direction a call can go: A conversation on a cold call can go in many different directions and it can be tough to be prepared.

The cold call process that we provide you with will decrease these challenges and not only make cold calling easier, but it will likely improve your results overall. Here are the steps to the cold calling process:

  • Open the Call: The first step in the process is to open the call and confirm availability.
  • State the Purpose: The next step in the process is to state the purpose of the call.
  • Sales Takeaway: After you state the purpose of the call, you can perform a soft sales takeaway.
  • Questions: The centerpiece of the call is asking a couple of questions to determine if it even makes sense talking.
  • Pain Points: If your questions do not uncover any challenges that your product can help with, you can share some of the pain points that you typically help to make go away.
  • Product/Company: Before you ask the prospect if they want to progress to the next step in your process, share some details about your product and company to build interest.
  • Close:  The last step in the cold call process is to close the prospect on moving to the next step of the sales process which is most likely to simply talk more in a real conversation.


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