It can seem like a daunting task when thinking about how to improve sales and marketing. You may feel as though you really are going to need to be lucky instead of good for things to get better. It’s unfortunate that there’s always a little luck at play. While waiting for luck to be on your side, there are some very clear and simple things that can be done to improve your ability to be “good” as well as increase results.


Increase Quantity of Interactions with Target Prospects

You’re going to have to get in front of target prospects to improve marketing and sales. With that being said, the more prospects you connect with, the better your results. The following are some things that can be done to increase the number of prospects that you’re speaking with.


Professional Networking

Investing time and energy into the area of professional networking is one of the fastest and most productive ways to drive lead generation. This means getting involved in your local area by attending events, and activities, as well as groups or associations.

Try increasing the quantity and quality of your connections when networking. Keep in mind that your connections can potentially be prospects and clients and the real power comes when they turn into referral partners and send you leads.


Cold Calling / Telemarketing

It is said by some people that cold calling is dead and a waste of time. We know there are clear challenges with cold calling, but when done properly, it can be an effective way to connect with prospects and generate leads.


Search Engine Optimization

One of the most powerful marketing tools and tactics available and the best way is search engine optimization (SEO).


Pay-per-Click Advertising

A highly effective way to drive traffic to your website is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. You only pay for the traffic you get as well as you get to determine what you want to pay per click, which is the great thing about PPC.


Improve Sales and Marketing Messaging

When attempting to determine how to improve sales and marketing, there’s usually room for improvement in the area of messaging. Whether you have a prospect on the phone, on your website, or you’re giving a presentation, you need to capture their attention as well as build interest, and your messaging is key in doing so.

First, the messaging for sales will be from that of the messaging for marketing. The basis for your sales script and presentation shouldn’t be your brochure. Also, what your salespeople are saying shouldn’t be the copy for your website and/or brochures.

Looking at whether your messaging effectively communicates the value that you have to offer is one area to invest attention when trying to determine how to improve sales and marketing. Is your messaging nothing but “speeds and feeds” or does it shed light on how you’ll help the prospect in the areas of business, technical, and personal value?

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