Call scripting is looked at negatively in the sales profession. It is believed by many that you shouldn’t use any type of script, as well as scripts are for junior-level sales professionals or only for telemarketing activities. But that isn’t the right way to view the use of sales scripts because even the highest senior-level salesperson benefits from using a form of a script as well as preparation.


Important Point about Call Scripting

Many people see this process as a salesperson writing out everything needed to say word-for-word and reading directly from it when on a call, which is one thing that could set us down the wrong path with using sales scripts. This process gives a very poor impression to a prospect.

The sales scripting doesn’t need to look like this. Scripting out key questions you need to ask, and powerful statements that you can make during calls with prospects is a very professional and effective way to incorporate call scripts.

You can use your prepared list of scripted points and questions as a guide when speaking with a prospect. You could prepare by being very familiar with the list before speaking with a prospect so you don’t have the need to read directly from it in order to make a great impression.


How Call Scripting Can Help

The benefits of preparing a form of call script can be quite powerful:

  • Make a good impression: You’ll make a better impression when speaking with prospects when you are prepared for what you’ll say. Of course, remember this includes the fact that you don’t sound like you’re reading from a script directly. And, more importantly, that you know what to say as well as are prepared and experienced.
  • Keep calls going longer: You’ll be better at establishing and keeping calls going when knowing what to say as well as better able to think fast for the next question to ask or the best response to objections.
  • Get the most out of the interaction: When you know what questions to ask, you’ll improve your ability to ask the right questions when speaking with prospects. This helps you to get the most out of each conversation in terms of gathering valuable information.
  • Produce more leads: When adding up some of the benefits above, it is realistic that you’ll generate more leads by using call scripts.
  • Improve sales performance: By consistently generating more leads, you could easily see improvement in your sales performance.
  • Improve career path: You could see improvements in your career as well as personal finances by improving your sales performance.
  • Decrease sales staff turnover: Incorporating call scripts helps decrease sales staff turnover in the event that you’re managing salespeople. In terms of opportunity costs as well as hiring and training costs, turnover can be very costly. With call scripting, all of those costs will most likely decrease.

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