I have some bad news. You are very likely to face cold call objections on just about every call that you make. Objections are like stop signs that the prospect will hold up to try to take the call in a direction of their choosing. And if you have called someone unexpectedly and appear to possibly be trying to sell something, the direction of their choosing will likely be to bring the call to an end.

Here are some examples of common objections that you will encounter:

“I do not have time right now.”
“We are not interested.”
“I am already using something for that.”
“We do not have budget/money to spend right now.”
“Call me back in six months.”
“What is this in regards to?”
“He does not talk to vendors.”
“Talk to my assistant.”
“Just send me some information.”

Any of those sound familiar?

The good news is that there are really only five to ten that you will consistently face again and again while cold calling. This is good as that is actually a pretty short list making it fairly easy to identify the anticipated objections and develop a strategy for how to get around them.

We have an ebook that will not only help guide you to figure out the objections to prepare for, but we will also teach you some logic for how to respond. We will provide a 4 step process for you to go through that will help you to look like a pro athlete that has prepared thoroughly for the competition and knows exactly how to handle and beat them.

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