Figuring out how to write a cold call script is a key step to take when trying to drive sales prospecting results. Cold calling is one of the most difficult things that a salesperson will need to do, and that can make writing a script for cold calling just as difficult.

You can easily look at a blank sheet of paper and not know where to begin. We will try to give you some tips in this blog post that will help to get you going in the right direction.


Step 1 – Identify who your target prospect is

One step that can easily be overlooked with how to write a cold call script is stopping to think about what the person you are going to be cold calling looks like. There are two areas to think about: 1) demographics and 2) environmental details.

It can help to tailor your cold call script to the type of person you are calling from a demographic standpoint. This refers to identifying the prospect’s title, department, company size, industry, etc. Those details could or should impact what you say in your script.

Environmental Details
You don’t want to stop there as you also want to stop to think about what the environment for your ideal prospect looks like. What types of systems, processes, structures, etc. are typically in place when someone fits well with what you sell?

Step 2 – Build your value statement
When it comes to how to write a cold call script, you will need to find a way to grab the prospect’s attention very quickly. Build a value statement to help you to do this.

Step 3 – Develop your pre-qualifying questions
At the core of a good cold call script should be some pre-qualifying questions. These will help you to assess how well the prospect fits with what you have to offer, and you can use the details from step 1 to help develop these.

Step 4 – Have some common pain points
To help you find out if the prospect has any pain that you can fix, have a list of common pain points that good prospects for you usually have. You can share this list with them during the call and that can help you to find out if they have any pain.

Step 5 – Building interest points
Your goal of the cold call should be to build enough interest so that the prospect will agree to move to the next stage in your sales process. Have some silver bullet interest-building points prepared that do this. These can be statements that communicate the ROI that you offer, how you differ, tell a client story, etc.

Step 5 – Prepare closing language
With how to write a cold call script, the goal of the script and cold call should be to get the prospect to move to the next stage in your sales process. You may want to have that ideal step identified so that you can have that in the closing language of your script.


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