In case you missed it, Michael Halper, Founder and CEO of SalesScripter, was a guest speaker on a webinar titled “Converting Your Leads to Sales” hosted by SalesNexus.

is extremely important. But what you do with those leads and being able to consistently convert a high percentage of them to sales is just as if not more important.

The good news is that there are some very clear and practical things that you can do to improve your ability to create a healthy pipeline of leads and consistently drive those to closure and those are outlined in the below webinar recording.

There are a couple of key principles that are outlined in this webinar.

Following Up on Sales Leads
There are multiple ways to create a lead. You may drive traffic to a web page and use some sort of call to action to create the lead. Or you may meet someone at an event, make a phone call, or send out a marketing email.

Whatever the case, there is a good probability that the prospect does not purchase at the time of the lead generation. This means that following up on the lead is a key factor in the ability to convert the lead to sales.

Two main ways that you can follow up are with a phone call and with an email. What you say and ask in both of these follow-up methods will be critical to your success and SalesSripter can help you with that.

Staying Fresh in the Prospects Mind
Even when we do a good job of following up with the prospect with phone calls, it can be likely that we are not able to time it right in terms of connecting exactly when the prospect is ready to purchase. As a result, one thing that can help us to convert leads into sales is to find a way to stay fresh in the prospect’s mind.

One of the best ways to do that is to use email drip campaigns and email marketing. We discuss that a bit in this webinar and that is something that a solution like SalesNexus can help with as well.

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