Many business owners and sales managers continuously pursue trying to identify how to enhance sales. And there are very clear and practical changes and investments which can be made to increase sales results.


Decrease Sales Staff Turnover

Something which will always exist at some level is sales staff turnover. There’s almost a continuous revolving door with salespeople constantly coming and going, which is a challenge in many sales organizations.

One of the most costly factors that can hit a business is turnover in the sales force. It’s very costly to recruit, hire, and train new resources, and there’s a large amount of opportunity cost which occurs from business lost or missed due to the turnover.

There are very clear and practical changes and investments that can be made to decrease sales staff turnover, and that is one way to help with how to enhance sales.


Utilize Sales Training

Sales is a skill that is one difference between sales and other business functions. It can be learned and continually developed.

Some companies spend little time in the area of sales training or provide some amount of sales training when they hire a new sales resource. The challenge is that, in order to achieve how to enhance sales, sales skills need to be constantly developed as well as improved.


Implement Sales Coaching

Commonly, the terms of sales training, sales coaching, and sales management are intermingled. Each is very similar and distinct as well as serves its own place when driving toward how to enhance sales.

Sales training is typically delivered one-on-one with sales professionals and occurs on a recurring basis, which is how it differs from sales coaching. For example, a sales coach meets with a client for 30 minutes once a week or an hour once monthly.

A sales team stands to have more clarity regarding goals, challenges, and direction by implementing and utilizing sales coaching. Brainstorming, action planning, and progress tracking are activities that have an immediate improvement on sales results.


Augment with Sales Outsourcing

Due to pure scalability challenges, many businesses possess a desire for growth, which is more than what the existing sales force can support. Augmenting the existing sales force by using sales outsourcing is a workaround to that.

Partnering with a service provider to obtain external resources to assist with part of the sales cycle is sales outsourcing. Common areas in which businesses outsource are the front end of the sales cycle of lead generation, cold calling, and appointment setting.

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